Festive Designs For Every Style You Desire

Adding any piece of jewellery will instantly glow up your look. And Indian jewellery has the unique advantage of shining upon anything we wear. Surprisingly, it gives us an effortless traditional, casual and indo-western look. The festive season of the year is about to begin, and it’s time to get ready for the celebrations!

Be it the styling silver jhumkas, or heavy Kundan necklaces, handcrafted jewellery can transform Indian art into tiny yet notable fashion statements. Scroll down to check the best Festive designs for every style you desire.


Drop dead necklace sets with studded precious stones

Irrespective of the outfit you pick for your occasion, necklaces have got a unique way to greet your festive look. These stunning necklaces differ from hugging your neck to long flowing pieces. Whether it is a choker, a haar or a long hanging necklace, the look they leave for your attire is incomparable.


Complete Necklace

Must check Drop Earrings

The common trend of regular hoops and tassel earrings is long seen at the top of the trending charts. If you’re done wearing them enough, we understand your spirit for newness. That is why we are here with the must-adding pair of drop earrings to your Jewellery collection. Whether you are choosing a Hair up, down or tied, drop earrings can effortlessly be styled with your look, attire and mood.



Check for everyday Bangles

Bangles can be singled or stacked. Either way, a bangle settles well with all your looks and occasions. A slight tinge of metal on your wrist is all it takes to brighten up the look. You can pick the best available from a wide range of options.


 Vega Star Bangles

Dainty Pendant with Chain connection together

A simple, refined pendant is a great way to add personalization to any collection of chains. You can either pair them up for your everyday look or detail them with an amusing festive look. Amp up your fashion game with the best pendants. Pick them up for fascinating looks!

A ring for every season and festival

If a simple thread can hold the entire beauty of a cloth, then the ring would be the best thread for your jewellery. Keep your look amusing and dainty with a ring that can be paired with everything from jeans and tee to a saree. If you are picking an indo-western look for your festive season, then silver or vintage rings can lit up the celebrations!

Achromatic Ring

Have your festive jewellery collection updated for the upcoming season. Let the festive season glow with the charms of metal and love!!



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