Jewel Care

Several years of brainstorming, ideation, research, and effort goes into the making of our jewelry. Several years of your hard work and desire goes into you owning a piece of our sincere craftsmanship. We would love for you to cherish what you buy from us and pass it on across generations and relive the most beautiful moments of your lives through our craft. We have tried our best to guide you on how to maintain and handle the pieces you buy from us only for them to be repurposed and re-styled in a thousand gorgeous ways!
Our pieces are hand crafted and made by hand from our hearts. The following are basic guidelines for your jewelry to last long ~
  • Jewelry must be kept dry away from moisture and humidity. It should be removed before you shower. Soaps and shampoos can make the jewelry appear dull and dirty. Chlorinated water can react with the metals found in jewelry causing color changes and sometimes structural damage. Remove jewelry before entering your shower, or a pool, a spa, or a hot tub.
  • Skin care products, Cosmetics, hairsprays, perfumes etc., contain chemicals that can often damage jewelry, can dull their lustre over time and cause spots and blotches. Wear your jewelry after applying these materials. This will limit their exposure to jewelry and any potential damage.
  • A soft cloth is a great option to dust the jewelry and keep it clean. After use, wipe your jewelry thoroughly with a clean soft cloth. This will enhance the jewelry’s lustre and ensure that your jewelry is clean before storage. Do not bleach the jewelry for it can damage it irreparably.
  • Never clean any jewelry that is damaged, cracked or broken, since additional handling can worsen the damage. If you find that a piece of jewelry is damaged, it should be kept aside for repair as soon as possible.
  • Store individual pieces in separate pouches or boxes to avoid abrasion and to prevent pieces from moving around. Do not store our jewelry in velvet boxes, pouches, or fabrics.
  • All jewelry will wear down eventually over time and repeated use. In an attempt to keep it well maintained, do not try home solutions and remedies for they might worsen or speeded the wearing down. Gold plated Jewelry can be re-plated once in a while to stay new. Stone jewelry need extra care to ensure the stones are held tightly and in place while being lustrous. When in doubt, write to us and we would be happy to help !