Our Story

A reverberation of the modern woman, the Divas Mantra Silver collection is for the fashion conscious with an eye for state-of-the-art modern jewelry that entails making a statement. It blends as perfectly with the power clothing of women who walk the corporate corridors

DIVAS MANTRA is inspired to recreate the centuries old artistry with ancient techniques, in silver, for the woman that you are 

You are a celebration. You are the DIVA; Outspoken. Individualistic. Stylish.

Our Founder

Back in 1955, D Muthu founded THANGA MALIGAI, making it a name to reckon with in gold jewelry craftsmanship. With ancestry originating from the land that celebrates its traditional jewelry, Southern India, THANGA MALIGAI quintessentially works with master artisans. The timeless designs are engraved, defined by our cultural heritage. Patrons from many generations continue to endorse our superior workmanship.

Our enterprising founder went on to build the outlet to its present glory, on a foundation of reliability, quality and unfailing customer service.

Years later, as homage to the founder, the store was renamed with the prefix of his initials, DM. Today the store stands tall as DM THANGAMALIGAI.

Our Heritage

It is indeed heartwarming to see joyful faces being appreciative of the classic gold jewelry from DM THANGAMALIAI. Carving traditions since 1955, we have focused on presenting elegant gold ornaments. The aesthetics of our jewelry represents the vast culture hub of Southern India as well other parts of India. We drive brilliant works of art in gold for your celebrations and joyful moments.

Being one of the oldest traditional jewelers in the region, our commitment to execute individual taste to perfection stays. Inimitable creations set on timeless gold are our narration of traditional gold artistry spreading over wedding, designer, lightweight and work wear. Special occasion jewelry like the significant Mangalsutra (Thaali in Tamil), vankis, waistbands and the famed South Indian coin necklace, ‘Kassumala’ are styled with extreme meticulousness by our talented goldsmiths and craftsmen. 

Our Products

As Jewelry designs evolve, we at DIVAS MANTRA take the leap forward to share our passion with the connoisseurs of jewelry art in silver. We are inspired to bring handcrafted silver charms to the center of fashion reloads.

Its light weight quality is travel friendly, minimalistic in design and has all the sparks of luxury. The impressive wide range prides in pieces studded with striking semi precious stones, with much of the traditional patterns woven in. Our designs are distinctive, superior in quality and nurtures positive emotions. Our silver bracelets, earrings, pendants, anklets with novel, present day designs are indeed becoming a raging trend amongst the younger generation. It’s a new line, a new brand with a defined modern touch.

Our Mission & Vision

With every new creation is a fresh promise of exquisite collection of silver jewelry. We let you express your unique personality as we assist you unearth striking, artistically handcrafted, all season, fine silver accessories. Our designs are a celebration of life in all its joyful moments. We connect with your individual taste during your jewelry purchase to deliver bespoke designs. Our products are of the finest quality with an equally supportive customer service.

Offer designer, luxury silver jewelry of immense quality that will appeal to both the younger generation and the young at heart audience.