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Article: Caring for the environment should be by Habit

Caring for the environment should be by Habit

Caring for the environment should be by Habit

That paper comes from the bamboo plant and that rain is but the water vapour that gathers as clouds from water bodies, that vegetation and seasons are largely interdependent, are simple concepts connecting the bigger picture of change in the environment. These discussions can be trigger points to bring about awareness of the idea of green earth, especially, with children. To bring in a process of change requires an emotional connect and total involvement with the thought of keeping our earth green,  in full bloom, filled with fresh air.

A significant topic like the future of the earth is food for thought to young minds. Talking about the urgency to solve climate crisis to a bunch of children must be introduced as subject specific. Action towards keeping our planet safe, protecting the coral reefs, caring for the forests and the animals that live therein must be discussed through at regular intervals with the younger generation. Discussions and conferences of massive economic, environmental and social opportunities organized at the macro level are non - comprehensible to the youth, if not exposed to the subject from a tender age. 

Our Earth has been burdened with deforestation, with natural marshlands being rummaged through to make way for human habitat, uncaring of the life that exists there. We are accountable for the perennial damages inflicted upon her. Perhaps, the answers to the why and the how to work on proper solutions to mitigate global warming and climate change are within our capacity. We need to involve deep, and take corrective measures on a war footing. After all, we are the villains responsible for emitting loads of CO2 into the atmosphere from our fridges to the air conditioners, industrialization to the cars that we drive.  

An adult’s perspective of the earth and its environmental issues when shared with children make a definite dent, impacting the way they view it. Let our children understand the importance of restoring carbon into the soil — where it increases water retention and help yield crops.  Tell them about relevant decisions we should make like a car pool that can get us into a lesser pollution situation. Car pools are also a fun way to allow interaction with real people rather than to know them through their social media profiles.

Yes, the study of green and renewable energy is constantly changing with experts exploring for newer, more efficient energy to make our world a better place to live in. Leaders are encouraging innovative, eco-friendly products for everyday use. Smart applications of green energy products and strategies for green energy maintenance are the changing trends in the idea of going green. They have advanced to convert hydropower green energy from dams, tides and waves. But before we walk into international forums to accelerate the process of a clean economy, carbon footprints and climate crisis, let’s spread the word of WHY we should do a few things correctly as individual adults and children. 

Thinking of a GREEN EARTH should be a HABIT by persistent instruction from the very beginning of formal education. At home too, children can be guided to give as much importance to saving water and segregating garbage as is done to fold their clothes and make their beds. The idea is as simple as ‘Charity begins at Home’, translating to a thinking society. They ought to feel and respect the fact that our mother earth is a commonly shared space between us, plants, birds, bees, fishes and animals.

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