SHE Can Redefine The Workplace

Although it is the time of crisis and major economic changes, have you felt a massive gender leadership shift taking place worldwide? Yes, if you are one among who noticed the huge differences between the new generation, then you are following the creeks of change. With long said about women’s accomplishments in various sectors, we would like to tell you how this shift has taken place.

It is not the percentage of women participating has changed, but the number of women becoming leaders. There is a new stream of successful women who are bouncing up and redefining the workplace. Manier successful women from ages have definitely cracked the glass ceiling, but it is still not completely broken. Then what makes the new leaders more graceful with this matter?

It is their charm to encircle this issue with new methodologies. Here are a few common ways of how new leaders are redefining the workplaces.

#1. Stepping out of the comfort zones

“It’s he or she who’s willing to be the most uncomfortable can rise strongly.” - Brene Brown.

Certain types of comfort zones are defined for women at workplaces. Comfort is the result of awareness. Doing what you know already makes you feel safe and easy. Yet nothing ever grows in a safe, comfort zone. These women who stood as the leaders now have stepped outside their comfort zone and encountered challenges, risks and stood brave next to revolution.

#2. Speak up their thoughts

Not everyone will have the comfort of speaking or pitching their ideas. Especially, in a ladder of responsibility, the higher you rise, the more obstructions you observe. But, the powerhouse women refuse to stay hushed, no matter how hard others try to silence them. Expressing and experimenting are the only ways to get your thoughts implemented. All that matters is that you say something which shuttles your thoughts.

#3. Make the “no” word a common one

Most of the time, women are under pressure to accept or say yes to the circumstances. Whether it is overwork, acceptance of a deal, they are pressured with the already triggered decisions. But, “no” is the word of a superpower. When you say, “no” it’s a way of declaring, “This is who I am. Relish it or leave it.” The art of saying no is the favourite word of the leaders. It allows them to stay in arrangement with their core values and vision.

Indeed, it is true; SHE can redefine the workplace. The way how the old-school rules are set for working is being changed now. This will deliberately shove more prudence and acceptance for women at workplaces!!

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