Peace Lily
12 Designs

The crowning jewel of the crown; enchanting in the quiet. She is an expression of the calm and tranquil. 

She is the joy that reflects your inner peace. Silver jewelry selection from Peace Lily is breath taking, ranging from the dreamy to popular styles. The designs are distinct and lovingly handcrafted.

Peace Lily wears her feminine disposition in perfect balance with her head held high in self pride. She is all encompassing of a compassionate woman, of serenity and inner strength.

Cresent Culture Necklace
Daisy Moon Earrings
Morning Glory EarringsMorning Glory Earrings
Padmaasan EarringsPadmaasan Earrings
Interactions Earrings
Honey Comb EarringsHoney Comb Earrings
Effervescence Necklace
Magic Shell NecklaceMagic Shell Necklace
Cascade NecklaceCascade Necklace
Rs. 17,835

Cascade Necklace

Fragrance NecklaceFragrance Necklace
Rs. 16,240

Fragrance Necklace

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