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Taashaa NecklaceTaashaa Necklace
Rs. 28,922

Taashaa Necklace

Nitya Chinash Stone NecklaceNitya Chinash Stone Necklace
Uphar ChokerUphar Choker
Rs. 11,106

Uphar Choker

Kalyani Heirloom Kundan ChokerKalyani Heirloom Kundan Choker
Kavya Classic Attigai Choker
Vaibhogam NecklaceVaibhogam Necklace
From Rs. 10,620

Vaibhogam Necklace

Available Sizes: 9 Inches 11 Inches 14 Inches 17 Inches 21 Inches
Siyum Kundan Choker
TRE Cubic Zircons Open Setting Mid NecklaceTRE Cubic Zircons Open Setting Mid Necklace
Lunita Kundan Necklace
Firoza NecklaceFiroza Necklace
Rs. 88,170

Firoza Necklace

Sunshine & Leaves NecklaceSunshine & Leaves Necklace
Mansi Kundan ChokerMansi Kundan Choker
Uttamam NecklaceUttamam Necklace
Rs. 58,321

Uttamam Necklace

Transition NecklaceTransition Necklace
Rs. 53,697


Kani NecklaceKani Necklace
Rs. 9,991

Kani Necklace

Madhura chokerMadhura choker
Rs. 16,171

Madhura choker

Izhar chokerIzhar choker
Rs. 12,051

Izhar choker

Kaasni necklaceKaasni necklace
Rs. 14,935

Kaasni necklace

Iksha necklaceIksha necklace
Rs. 29,973

Iksha necklace

Hamsa pendantHamsa pendant
Rs. 13,699

Hamsa pendant

Garg NecklaceGarg Necklace
Rs. 23,999

Garg Necklace

Nargis necklaceNargis necklace
Rs. 12,051

Nargis necklace

Samanthi necklacesSamanthi necklaces
Rs. 12,051

Samanthi necklaces

Chandramallika necklaceChandramallika necklace
Sampagni chokerSampagni choker
Rs. 12,810

Sampagni choker

Ishanvi ChokerIshanvi Choker
Rs. 16,319

Ishanvi Choker

Ganika necklaceGanika necklace
Rs. 47,391

Ganika necklace

Anaisha ChokerAnaisha Choker
Rs. 17,608

Anaisha Choker

Prisha chokerPrisha choker
Rs. 22,744

Prisha choker

Nirja chokerNirja choker
Rs. 18,979

Nirja choker

Kashvi NecklaceKashvi Necklace
Rs. 36,390

Kashvi Necklace

Hemani NecklaceHemani Necklace
Rs. 70,869

Hemani Necklace

Netra chokerNetra choker
Rs. 17,426

Netra choker

Quishi chokerQuishi choker
Rs. 19,585

Quishi choker

Gaurangi chokerGaurangi choker
Rs. 20,589

Gaurangi choker

Wamika necklaceWamika necklace
Rs. 67,694

Wamika necklace

Urmi necklaceUrmi necklace
Rs. 31,319

Urmi necklace

Oeshi chokerOeshi choker
Rs. 14,878

Oeshi choker

Aadhya NecklaceAadhya Necklace
Rs. 42,105

Aadhya Necklace

Taas Minimal Chandbali Necklace
Chandra Moon Kundan Choker
Bhairavi Temple NecklaceBhairavi Temple Necklace
Mandisa NecklaceMandisa Necklace
Rs. 13,081

Mandisa Necklace

Kastu NecklaceKastu Necklace
Rs. 12,360

Kastu Necklace

Antata Necklace
Rs. 25,750

Antata Necklace

Ziraili NecklaceZiraili Necklace
Rs. 59,740

Ziraili Necklace

TURASA Statement Dual Toned Long Necklace with PearlsTURASA Statement Dual Toned Long Necklace with Pearls
Aymmu Polki ChokerAymmu Polki Choker
Rs. 12,271

Aymmu Polki Choker

Arta Minimal Kundan Necklace
Aliya Classic Moissonite Stone Mid Necklace
Neelambari Temple Necklace
Charu Mango Temple Long Necklace
Pallavi Antique Deep Nakshi Long Necklace
Saaka Mother of Pearl and Jade Choker
Vignette Lakshmi Deep Nakshi Necklace
Lai Stone Necklace
Rs. 11,216

Lai Stone Necklace

Haals Kundan Short Necklace
Bozi Temple Necklace
Josi Stone Necklace
Dhoola NecklaceDhoola Necklace
Rs. 67,385

Dhoola Necklace

Tamara Pearl NecklaceTamara Pearl Necklace
92.5 Sterling Silver Toshani Temple Necklace Gold PlatedToshani Temple Necklace
Kahtaa Stone Necklace
92.5 Sterling Silver Expressions in Red Choker Gold PlatedExpressions in Red Choker
Fire & Ice PendantFire & Ice Pendant
Rs. 21,321

Fire & Ice Pendant

Bakshu NecklaceBakshu Necklace
Rs. 32,685

Bakshu Necklace

Amshula Temple NecklaceAmshula Temple Necklace
Vinayaka  temple Necklace
Ram Parivar Short NecklaceRam Parivar Short Necklace
Karni Moissonite Gold Plated Necklace with Pearls
Prakruti Victorian Moissonite Choker
Lea Choker
Rs. 29,155

Lea Choker

Varali Moissonite Polki Choker92.5 Sterling Silver Varali Moissonite Polki Choker Gold Plated
Kishh Green Beads and Pearls Moissonite Choker
Leva Deep Nakshi Temple Choker
Lapa Temple Nakshi Lakshmi Balaji Long Necklace
Orrie Lakshmi Inspired Temple Necklace
Koina Khoaii Pearls Guttapusalu
Teffa Minimal Pendant with Moissonite Necklace
Donuu Malli Moggu Necklace
Sri Lakshmi Minimal Peacock Necklace
Damsa Hand Nakshi Shiv Parivar Rudraksha Long Necklace
Aaradhana Red Mango Necklace
Mehuli Lakshmi Necklace
Kai Paisley Nakshi Necklace
Anja Grand Temple Choker
Aiste Lakshmi Green Stone Long Necklace
Anya Nakas with Moissonite Polki
Ranati Temple Nakshi Necklace
Retta Moissonite 92.5 Silver Gold Plated Classic Necklace
Flan Majestic Red and Green Kundan Necklace92.5 Sterling Silver Flan Majestic Red and Green Kundan Necklace Gold Plated
Sia Contemporary Moissonite Short NecklaceSia Contemporary Moissonite Short Necklace
Katya Polki NecklaceKatya Polki Necklace
Sukkhi Moissanite Green Beads Victorian ChokerSukkhi Moissanite Green Beads Victorian Choker
Atibha Antique Lakshmi Short Necklace
Mayuram Classic Peacock Motif Nakshi Short Necklace
Tiana Polki Victorian Short Necklace
Flora Pearl Polki Choker
Triya White Kundan Short Necklace
Nitara Classic Red Kundan ChokerNitara Classic Red Kundan Choker
Sayuri Pearl Choker
Eshana Antique Lakshmi Peacock Long Necklace
Aarna Grand Antique Lakshmi Long Necklace
Sirpi Classic Polki Victorian Long NecklaceSirpi Classic Polki Victorian Long Necklace
Rivi Grandeur Green Kundan Victorian ChokerRivi Grandeur Green Kundan Victorian Choker
Mayil Hasli Polki Short NecklaceMayil Hasli Polki Short Necklace
Driti Nakas Long NecklaceDriti Nakas Long Necklace
Amba Victorian Necklace
From Rs. 44,895

Amba Victorian Necklace

Tilla Victorian ChokerTilla Victorian Choker
Ahiri Kundan NecklaceAhiri Kundan Necklace
Moha Victorian NecklaceMoha Victorian Necklace
Chandni NecklaceChandni Necklace
Rs. 69,296

Chandni Necklace

Arya NecklaceArya Necklace
Rs. 84,918

Arya Necklace

Mahuri Temple NecklaceMahuri Temple Necklace
Dwaitha temple necklaceDwaitha temple necklace
Chaytra Emple NecklaceChaytra Emple Necklace
Sriranga temple necklace
Madhulika Temple NecklaceMadhulika Temple Necklace
Malhar Temple NecklaceMalhar Temple Necklace
Mallika NecklaceMallika Necklace
Rs. 24,002

Mallika Necklace

Vishwapura Temple Necklace
Opera NecklaceOpera Necklace
Rs. 29,756

Opera Necklace

Veera NecklaceVeera Necklace
Rs. 48,005

Veera Necklace

Eden NecklaceEden Necklace
Rs. 9,572

Eden Necklace

Shaaz NecklaceShaaz Necklace
Rs. 26,387

Shaaz Necklace

Tanjore NecklaceTanjore Necklace
Rs. 30,687

Tanjore Necklace

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