We stand tall because of our awe-inspiring workforce

Each of the beautifully handcrafted jewellery, the well stitched clothing, those gorgeous concrete home spaces, the clean city roads or for that matter, the healthy, colourful food that fills our lunch plates; all come from a determined, definite, untiring work commitment.

There is no denying the contributions of the large group of skilled hands who make the industry prosper, especially, the ones that require physical efforts.  All of their works involve real, physical work and deftness. For that reason, isn’t it just right that one entire day is dedicated to them?

This International Labour’s day is an opportunity for Divas Mantra as an organization, to recognize the hard work of its workforce. All of its craftsmen & craftswomen have veered the organization towards continued prosperity.

To be working with a team of gifted, capable, thinking people is an organization’s pride. The many feathers on our cap are because our bright artisans at their creative best have consistently allowed us to pamper our customer’s demands. They have constantly challenged us to bring out the best in us, that which could be translated into a beauteous piece of jewellery.

It is indeed humbling to honour the good in others. Celebration of the workforce is to pay tribute to their insightful thoughts, being woven within, necessary to make an organization a successful business unit.

In admiration and humility, Divas Mantra salutes its employees.

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