Kindle a transformation with New Year resolutions

Adios to the year gone by. We are left with cherished memories, bringing us face - to - face with yet another brand new year. The opportunity to reflect on our past achievements and failures encourage us to use a filtration process to address the loopholes of failures. We get a sneak peek into the changes to be incorporated. Above all, our conduct must be guided by ‘awareness & alertness’, be it on the personal front or at work. Perhaps, a short list of intended lifestyle changes could add value to our life.

‘Transformation’ ensues upon an action towards that desired change and DIVAS MANTRA encourages you to be resolute about taking that plunge to positive change.  

Point to note while listing out New Year resolutions is that it is effectively an agreement between an individual and his/her moral principles. Hence, we suggest treading with caution and choose a doable resolution. A defined, achievable & appropriate resolution would definitely work. No goal is small. It demands attention. 

Before we set the ball in motion, we must ask ourselves if we are steadfast enough to listen to ourselves. Do we trust our sincerity to that promise? Our attachment to the resolution can be assessed with the degree of our persistence. Mustering courage to continue through the length of start to finish line comes with clarity, conviction & determination.

Make no mistake that the new beginnings look bright and the ride seems smooth but that tempo could collapse if slackness is let in. Most promises to self are left half way in between because of the missing link, the all powerful commitment.  

Conflicts are a constant with temptations that surround us, more so when the resolutions made are about one’s personality and lifestyle changes. Getting started on an exercise regime or shifting gears to form better habits, deliberate getting away from gadgets for an hour every day, day, learning a new skill, even better, the conviction to meet one old friend every month, allows us to measure our sense of self- discipline. We ought to own the reins, taking charge and rescheduling our lives to turning the pages with a pledge.

As for the squad at Divas Mantra, the resolution for the New Year will be about focusing on you

  • To be cracking that design we desire for you
  • To be perfecting a beautiful piece of jewelry for you
  • Keeping connected with you

Our satisfaction comes from spending time in creating and putting together a perfect art in a day’s work for you. All the weariness is overridden by moments of enthusiasm, happiness, joy and excitement keeping the team upbeat about ingenious projects involving precious and semi precious stones, hues and charming designs on silver.s

We pray that you stick to that resolution, enjoy the journey and watch the transformation to being your best version through 2022.

Let Life look up.

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